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News Guangdong

'Peppa' movie teaser a tear-jerker for Chinese

An upcoming film's teaser, which features an elderly man's search for a cartoon character in rural China, went viral on the internet for its tear-jerking yet hilarious rendition of family bonds, as Chinese New Year-a traditional time for family reunions-approaches.

3 keywords highlighted in boosting Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao cooperation

On January 16, Guangzhou CPPCC members from Hong Kong and Macao proposed the city a variety of measures to facilitate the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, highlighting three keywords—Nansha, Guangzhou South Railway Station and Lingnan culture.

Foshan launches the high-level hospital development project

Investment of 1.6 billion yuan in 3 years to promote the establishment of first-class hospitals and specialties--On January 14, the press conference for Top Plan of Foshan High-level Hospital Construction was held.

Int'l winter sports cooperation on the rise ahead of Beijing 2022

Usually in people's minds, the Great Hall of the People in Beijing is a place for convening important meetings or receiving distinguished guests.

Guangdong to see Spring Festival travel peak on Jan.26

Chinese Spring Festival will fall on Feb 5 this year, people will soon enjoy family reunions. Guangdong will see the Spring Festival rush from January 21st to March 1st this year, according to Guangdong Traffic Police Bureau.

Guangzhou Fuguang Bookstore among top 10 most beautiful bookstores in China

The 2019 China Bookstore Conference was held in Beijing on Jan 8, during which 16 bookstores were named "the most beautiful bookstores in China.
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