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News Guangdong

China to work with Singapore to safeguard rule-based multilateral trade system

China is willing to work with Singapore to safeguard the rule-based multilateral trade system, Premier Li Keqiang said when meeting with Singaporean Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat in Beijing on Thursday.

600 kph maglev train prototype unveiled

China rolled off the production line a prototype magnetic-levitation train with a designed maximum speed of 600 kilometers per hour in Qingdao on Thursday, filling the gap in travel speed between aviation and high-speed rail passenger transport in the country.

Nanhai One shipwreck: A time capsule of civilizations

Trade connects different civilizations and societies around the world. In ancient times, merchants on camels, horses, and ships brought continents, oceans, and countries closer.

As "Flying Tigers" families share golden memories, a relay of China-U.S. friendship

Over the past decades, Cynthia Chennault traveled frequently between the United States and China, dedicated to cultural and people-to-people exchanges, an effort she deemed vital for the friendship long forged by the two nations.

Dance drama ‘The Awakening Lion’ to compete for Wenhua Awards at 12th China Art Festival

‘The Awakening Lion’, a distinctive Lingnan folk dance drama, will be staged at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center between May 26th and 27th, competing at the 16th Wenhua Awards for Professional Theatrical Artworks during the 12th China Art Festival.

Chinese consumers' growing appetite for Asian beer and seafood

The best Asian beer brands were awaiting visitors to the Asian Cuisine Festival in south China's Guangzhou City.
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